2009 VW Jetta TDI Clean Diesel Reviews

Positive Reviews


Overall, the car runs well and is a joy to drive.


Pros: It's a comfortable car, picks up speed well, spacious and well built...

Cons: My 2004 Golf had much better milleage - 950 km per tank while Jetta needs to be refilled at 750-800km!

After having TDI Golf 2004, new Jetta 2009 is a much smoother ride! It's comfortable, spacious and overall a nice car. I have a 6-speed Comforline Jetta and my biggest disappointment was milleage I get - my old car could run on one tank of diesel for 950 km and my new car covers only 750-800 km even though VW site states that it needs refilling at 1200km! That's a big difference and my driving style has not changed. I asked about it and supposedly there could be a number of reasons for it - none of which I would accept because, as I said, nothing in my driving style nor routes I take has changed. Also, I'd like to comment on another owner's letter - yes, it makes noise even when shut down...
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Negative Reviews


Complete let down; this cars new Transmission and engine pairing is horrible. The automatic Transmission jerks like a driver new to driving standards


Pros: Fuel mileage is OK, but a real let down for city driving

Cons: Overly noisy engine; defective transmission from the start; electrical issues already

We bought a Jetta TDI Clean Diesel Comfortline Model - needed the leather seats due to owning dogs. We test drove 3 TDI diesels as well as 9 other branded gas cars before deciding to go with the diesel - our daily commute is 91 kms return.  Each of the 3 we test drove were quiet, peppy and great little cars.  We went ahead and bought a new one, arrived to us with 31kms on the odometer.  The first weekend we had the car, we noticed many things about the way it drove.  It was overly noise when initially accelerating and when slowing to a stop, the shifting was very jerky - which has gotten much worse since.  The car also whistles constantly and when you shut it down, it continues to whistle...
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More Reviews


Better than passat

i used to have a passat before and having this car is far more better than the passat. i have had some problem with its parts but its the normal wear and tear unlike my passat parts before where i pretty much shed a huge amount on its repairs. My only complain would probably the interior, its dull and lifeless.

I have it and I love IT


Pros: Powerful, great hadling

Cons: NONE

I just bought it and I love it only had 14 miles when I test drove it and bouth it on the spot my conmute is about 60 mi round trip and I'll get my money's worth.