2008 Tesla Roadster Reviews


Tesla Test Drive at New Dealership in Santa Monica


Pros: Handles well, high torque, great eye candy

Cons: A little pricey, only fits two people

As a green car online journalist, I was fortunate enough to take the Tesla out for a short test drive at their new dealership on May 9. The car I drove was a prototype, but it performed very well. For more details, see the following video and review article: YouTube Video Triple Pundit Takes Tesla for a Spin

Hard to catch

I haven't actually driven one of these. But as I was zipping along 101N this afternoon, I noticed a dark orange Lotus-style body coming up behind me. I've been keeping my eye out, so I took a quick look as it went by and discovered that it was actually a Tesla. Lo and behold I decided to chase this flashy orange electric supercar in my own flashy supercar ('86 Volvo, beige). Traffic was moderate so I switched lanes to follow the Tesla and perhaps give its driver a hearty thumbs-up. Obviously the Tesla driver was bent on putting the car through its paces (employee test-drive, perhaps?) and zipped in and out of the holes in traffic, punching the rapid-response...
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Very Sexy - Very Overpriced


Pros: Fast, Sexy, Electric

Cons: 2 Seats, WAY TOO EXPENSIVE!!!

This just isnt a realistic car for most people to buy. The people who buy this car are the ones who already have a Ferrari.

Cool Car

There are some advantages to having an electric car. If you like having a unique car, then the Tesla might work for you. An average American will be able to use the car to get to and from work and will not have to charge the car for three or four days. According to Tesla you can recharge the battery at roughly two cents per mile. By that measure it equals out to less the five dollars per recharge. The roadster goes 0-60 miles per hour in four seconds. This makes the Tesla Roadster one of the fastest accelerating cars on the road. If you are a car buff, that's impressive. There are some disadvantages to the Tesla Roadster as well. After 100,000 miles the battery will need to be replaced....
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