2003 Honda Civic Hybrid Reviews


The Only Hybrid from Honda I would buy


Pros: Reduce your car emissions, easy parking, gas mileage

Cons: People who own them sell them for too high of a price, Get made fun of by buddies, performance

opps wrong car (see 2003 Honda Insight)--I always wanted a Honda Insight, but was never able to buy one since everyone who owns a 2001-2003 Insight wants at least $10K for it even if its over 100K miles. This is probably my favorite hybrid car in any HYBRID car class - Economical, Efficient, and gets you to point A to point B without worrying about filling up. Althought it lacks power, it gets good gas mileage and comes in stick (unlike the new prius). So torque the hell out of it for fun and still get 30+ mpg. If I make more than $10K in 1 month ever in my life - I'm going to just buy one!