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I think a few wheelchair/walker users would be furious with sunken or raised tracks all over town. Good idea but even Personal Rapid Transit with motorized pod cars hit a wall in our town in 1981.
I have a 3-wheel scooter from Scooterland in San Jose, CA. It also goes 12 mph. Unlicensed & uninsured a few years- I never had any problems without licensing or insuring that vehicle. Only problem with it so far has been hills. (okay; and that 12 mph - I have that need for speed! )
I think this vehicle began in Hungary a few years ago, then it appeared recently on Alibaba.com (China). I am curious about testing, whether CA. would allow it, licensing in the US (I do not think golf carts are licensed); and if anyone imports from Alibaba so I can avoid all the "middlemen". I have a 3-wheel scooter from Scooterland in San Jose - but they do not offer the Kangaroo wheelchair vehicle I got these links in the email from...
An article came out yesterday mentioning "Zombieland".  It was about another subject (Reak Estate Foreclosures) so my first thought was about how ecologically benificial that could be; then I read further- oh! you meant a movie!  Thanks for the humorous confusion :-D!
I thought I had found this link here but I do not see it.  Recently a Xebra was for sale; and I thought I could use the cargo shell to move  back- less than a mile. Then I read this 2008 article which was mysteriously in my inbox: http://www.thetruthaboutcars.com/2008/03/2008-zap-xebra-review/#comments All 103 comments sure tells a tragic toll.  May explain a lot; and better than I!
I thought this thread "died" along with Zebras after the lawsuit in this county.  Yes, they are legal - steering wheel or not in CA.; it is legally a motorcycle.  Size, I guess.  I had a 1993 City-El enclosed 3 wheeler, with a steering wheel, in 2007-9.  It was registered and insured as a motorcycle.  Roll bar and top - no helmet was needed.  Those are made in Germany (and still are most likely) so I sold it running - when it broke down I did not have to chase down...
How timely!  I got a Trader Joes gift certificate and finally used that Christmes present yesterday- purchases including tart cherry juice and a lot of dried Bing cherries.  Today I see the dried cherry recipe link.  I sure wish all life was like that: do not plan anything - and everything falls perfectly into place!   Thanks for that useful link.
[update]  The condominiom complex rebuilding has been underway.  Piles and piles of 2 by 4s. 4 by 6s, particle board, and what looks like Chinese drywall are on site.  Seems to me the only way any of that would be green is if I snuck in some night with green paint  I have not had any say what materials to use.
I had electric 3-wheel trikes since a 2002 motor kit (2 bolt ons, then in 2007 a hub/in wheel motor in a velomobile).  Also a larger enclosed 3-wheel electric motorcycle (City-EL), and currently an electric scooter.  In that time; Zap got sued, Th!nk went bankrupt a few times, Aptera-Alius-Zenn-GEM-Zebra-Triac- and others came and went.  Triac took money and left- with $100,000.00 of the city of Salinas' money that disappeared.  I heard yesterday that the Norway Th!nk is...
This thread has been running over 2 years!  Landing in a temporary efficiency apartment has been very "green" for me- college dorm "green"!  That condominium complex condemned in 2010 and torn down in 2011 has been cleared, dug out (7' deep), filled back in, leveled and big foundation pits remain.  A cement-looking white powder has been spread out, but waiting for permits has held this rebuild back a lot.    Whatever the fill is, and that white powder seems to be...
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