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 thanks!! I agree with the post. At this point doesnt look like it's worth the $.2010 seems to be the big year for alternatives to get the word out and market themselves, but Im sure 2011 will be even bigger with sales. Seems like Im going to end up waiting until the 2011 models come out. 
Aftering watching 'who killed the Electric Car', I am not giving a penny to GM.I've been interested in purchasing a Toyota for a long time, just taking my time with finding the right one for the right price! Does anyone hear of good things about the Ford Fusion Hybrid? 
Not to sound to dumb or anything..but this is something I've seen in the movies, and it sounds like something that is on the market these days.And not to be funny, but somebody like Bill Gates probably has a system of that sort. 
 Wont window units $$ more electricity wise than a central unit.I would think so. 
yeah they do contain a little mercury and shouldnt be thrown away in the trash either.Most local towns (at least in Mass. ) have a flourescent light drop center. Most schools have the long flr. lights and a lot of commercial. But I've had cfl's in my place for years and years. They are pretty sturdy, havent seen any break and they last a LONG time. I'm very satisfied with them. And that is my best substitute now until something I guess they get better. I agree they...
 In the landscaping part of the United States Green Building Council's LEED program they recommend using indigenous plants (local to the area so require less irrigation). You could also purchase a rain barrell to collect stormwater and recycle that water for irrigation.Also the use of mulch around trees and bush areas.I'd stay away from harmful, hazardous fertilizer and pest control. 
It's Tata Motors Group..I cant find the exact car yet on the site, but the T symbol is the Tata    check this out on a toyota EV..  
How does everyone think of Obama's press conference last night??He did mentioned Energy Effecient buildings in government! 
 I worked for a State Representative in my hometown Massachusetts and he composed a bill for food labeling and place of origin too. It didnt move in the House of Reps for years and years, guess there were too much controversy/work of the supplier. Just a thought.
I didnt mean to confuse you just wanted to say that I didnt think the prices are low because of the recession, they are low because of futures market wrongfully overbid, and came back to them with low demand after rising prices at the pump. The supply never changed.  I agree that there are many factors to the recession, including the housing market.But oil/gas has a countrywide/worldwide effect. Mortgage industry crisis was in selective locations in the US.
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