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Hi all,   My name is Jen and I look forward to being a part of this community.  Environmental issues have always been incredibly important to me and after earning my undergrad in biology I spent several years working in the field of environmental education.     I am currently working on building a website that aims to make it easy and fun to take actions to live more sustainably called EcoNinja.  This site is still in its infancy and while many people in this...
I know that biking is not for everyone but you can't get a more environmentally friendly form of transportation.  I was hoping to get a sense of how many people in this community bike instead of drive for environmental reasons and if so do you keep track of your gas saved?     As of 2011, transportation made up 28% of US national energy consumption and 60% of that was for passenger vehicles.  90% of urban trips taken that are 2 miles or less are taken by car.
Having solar to power your EV isn't a totally unrealistic option.  Many EV car companies are partnering with solar companies so that you can get discounted solar when you buy an EV.  Additionally, many solar companies now offer all sorts of financing options that really make the barriers to getting into solar go away, such as Solar City's solar leasing option which requires no upfront payment.
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