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Hi, people are changing. I was a big fan of sugar and now I can't eat it. Sugar makes me sick.Sometimes when you crave sugar means that your body needs energy expenditure which is related to the increase secretion of dopamine hormone when you eat sugary foods. I think is typical for younger people to crave more sugar. They are more physically active and need fast energy resources.
If you want organic homecare skin products you can make them by yourself and use them right away. You simply need to deside what do you need, then go to the market place and get some supply. If you want yogurt mask apply some of the content on your skin and eat the rest of it, etc.
What does it mean to save the planet? We produce to live better according to the modern standards. Just think about the gold, the stones, the oil, and the trees and so on. We are using them since centuries for whatever we want. I doubt we are going to stop digging, cutting and building for the sake of the planet. So, I don't think that we can save the planet. We are part of it and it is natural for us to have kids.
I prefer coffee but the problem is that you never know whether is organic or not. I drink hot herbal tea only during the cold winter days.
Here are some additions: • Protein Bars – full of non-organic flavors, sugar and soy. • White Bread • Refined WhiteSugar • Skim Milk • Farmed Chicken • Non-organic Yogurt
True. Being anti vegan doesn't make any sense. It's is a touchy subject and I've met some people who were laughing at me for eating my vegetable salads. On the other hand we all talk about life food isn't it? Almost anything we consume has been somehow alive.
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