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If you live or work in New York City and are looking for a local cleaning business to remove your recycling for you, please contact us.  You can visit our website by clicking on the link.   We generally take our client's batteries, light bulbs and minor electronics.  We have dump off stations that handle electronic recycling. 
Another product people left out was the age-old SALT.  NaCl can be dissolved in many substances like water or alcohol and used to clean a variety of surfaces and items, or you can crush it and use it directly on rougher surfaces like concrete and stone (outdoor areas).   For our eco-friendly green cleaning company we never use any harsh chemicals or anything like Bleach or Ammonia.  Sometimes clients ask us to use bleach to clean a frequently used restroom and we...
Depending on the cleaning job at hand, you should try natural household products such as baking soda and lemon juice.  They are all eco-friendly and safe for children.   GreenAir GreenAir Cleaning
You can find safe, effective cleaning products right in your kitchen cabinet such as white vinegar and lemon juice.  Other examples are Borax and Baking Soda, which can be used for a variety of cleaning purposes.   There is a list of professional cleaning products that are also environmentally preferable on this cleaning site:   This specific line is called Safe 2 Clean.  Additionally there...
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