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Choosing The Right Pv System For Your Home

PV is about finding (i) the right product and (ii) the right installer for your home.  Since PV is still a relatively new industry, it's important to ensure that your PV product and installing contractor have a stable track record, adequate resources and personnel, so that you can be sure they'll be around for you as time passes.    Last year our company contracted with PowerLight, in Berkeley, California, to install PV on 93 homes we were building in Southern California's Coachella Valley.  An incredibly well resourced and well run organization, they manufacture... read more

Organic Local Solar Powered Booze

In 2006, wine sales totaled $26 billion and liquor sales totaled $17 billion. That same year, the average American drank 2.3 gallons of wine and 21.6 gallons of beer. That's a lot of alcohol. In 2005, 14785 tons of pesticides were used on wine grapes in California. It is also estimated that farmers spray hops (one of the primary ingredients in most beers) with pesticides 14 times per year. That's a lot of pesticide. In 2006, more than 208 million barrels (there are 31 gallons in one barrel) of beer, 673 million gallons of wine, and 425 million gallons of liquor were... read more

Green Options › Shopping Guides