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Tips on Grocery Shopping

Shop on the perimeter of the store first, for whole foods like fruits and vegetables. read more

Fathers Day Green Gift Guide

It’s about that time of year.  School is getting out.  It’s almost summer.  So don’t let father’s day slip by you!  For 2008 (in the US, UK, and a few other countries), it’s on June 15th.  Maybe this year instead of getting your dad, grandfather, husband, uncle, son, or other male in your life a pair of glow in the dark boxers or golf tees, try something with an eco-spin.    If he's a gadget-y guy, solar accessories are pretty sweet.  There's the Solio, the Soldius, foldable solar chargers from PowerFilm...the list goes on. If your dad needs some new duds,... read more

Mothers Day Green Gift Guide

With Mother’s Day coming up, how are you going to show your mom/grandmother/favorite aunt/etc. that you love her?  Why not do something that shows you care about her and the environment?    DIY Mother's Day Gifts If cleaning house isn't your mom's favorite activity, try doing it for her with some eco-friendly cleaning products! You could also make her a great set of homemade cleaners.  Check out these recipes! Make her homemade soap from natural ingredients or fill her home spa kit up with homemade face masks, lotion, and face scrubs. Making... read more

Give Green Gifts

The holidays are a great time.  Families come together.  Old friends come into town.  If you're into gift giving, here are some tips on how to give eco-friendly, local, and fair trade gifts.  For a great resource on the local v. fair trade dilemma, check out An Ethical Shopper's Dilemma from Global Exchange.   If you're looking to green the rest of your holiday season, check out this Huddler wiki on cutting down on waste during the holidays.   Green Gift Recommendations   Homemade coupons for low-impact activities (like hikes, bike rides, or back rubs)... read more

Organic Local Solar Powered Booze

In 2006, wine sales totaled $26 billion and liquor sales totaled $17 billion. That same year, the average American drank 2.3 gallons of wine and 21.6 gallons of beer. That's a lot of alcohol. In 2005, 14785 tons of pesticides were used on wine grapes in California. It is also estimated that farmers spray hops (one of the primary ingredients in most beers) with pesticides 14 times per year. That's a lot of pesticide. In 2006, more than 208 million barrels (there are 31 gallons in one barrel) of beer, 673 million gallons of wine, and 425 million gallons of liquor were... read more

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