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Eco-Friendly Car Washing

Guide to washing your car, the eco-friendly way. read more

Fathers Day Green Gift Guide

It’s about that time of year.  School is getting out.  It’s almost summer.  So don’t let father’s day slip by you!  For 2008 (in the US, UK, and a few other countries), it’s on June 15th.  Maybe this year instead of getting your dad, grandfather, husband, uncle, son, or other male in your life a pair of glow in the dark boxers or golf tees, try something with an eco-spin.    If he's a gadget-y guy, solar accessories are pretty sweet.  There's the Solio, the Soldius, foldable solar chargers from PowerFilm...the list goes on. If your dad needs some new duds,... read more

Green Options › Shopping Guides