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Best Vegetarian Cookbooks

There are lots of vegetarian cookbooks out there but when you're looking to decrease your omnivore-footprint, which do you choose? Chez Panisse Vegetables by Alice Waters read more

Reading Green Style

 Love to read books?  Try to get your fix through the library or a second hand shop.  If you finish a bought book, don’t let it sit collecting dust- donate it to a worthy cause, or pass it on to a friend with similar literary taste.  And when you buy, try to look for recycled paper content and natural inks.   Here’s the deal with the publishing industry-   One of every four books produced is returned unsold from the bookstore to the publisher, who then pays to have it burned or recycled.  In 2006, 3.09 billion books were sold in the US, out of 4.15 billion... read more

Green Options › Shopping Guides