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Eco And Kid Friendly Toys

How To Identify Eco- and Kid- Friendly Toys What materials are the toys made of?  Start by identifying what materials were used to create the toy.  Good natural material options include wood, organic cotton and other fabrics (some folks like leather), and recycled metal.  Choose toys which are made with natural, easily recyclable, or recycled materials. Avoid toys made with plastic (typically these toys end up in the landfill and also may contain BPA which is harmful to your children). Where are the toys made?  The location where the toy is manufactured has a... read more

Having An Eco Baby

Having a baby is tough (aside from the obvious difficulty of the process itself), but we're constantly berated with a need for more baby stuff. Here are some tips to maintain your shade of green while keeping your baby happy and healthy. Anyone have other ideas? Add 'em below:   A Green Nursery Before baby is even born, you can get baby in the green vibe. When designing the nursery keep in mind earth friendly and baby friendly.  The wall paint or wall finishes: If you use conventional paints with VOC's (volitile organic compounds) will leach toxic fumes... read more

Green Options › Shopping Guides