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Organic 4th of July Cocktails

Prairie Vodka Martinis 1.5 oz organic Prairie vodka 3/4 dry vermouth Garnish with an American flag toothpick read more

Tips on Grocery Shopping

Shop on the perimeter of the store first, for whole foods like fruits and vegetables. read more

Making Your Breakfast Organic

Guide to organic breakfast foods read more

Eco-Friendly Car Washing

Guide to washing your car, the eco-friendly way. read more

Guide to Method Home Products

Method makes great products, but which should you use and when?   Here is a quick guide to their most popular products. read more

Best All Purpose Cleaners

Method Dilutable All-Purpose Cleaner Method All Purpose Cleaner read more

Best Natural Bathroom Cleaners

Here are some great options.   Seventh Generation Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner   Method Daily Shower Spray read more

Finding an environmentally friendly mower

  Going shopping for an environmentally friendly lawn mower? Gasoline lawn mowers are noisy as well as terrible polluters, and should be avoided if you’re conscious about your eco footprint. Their engines tend to require frequent oil changes and tune-ups. And with fuel prices on the rise and rise, switching to a greener lawn mowing method may not just help the planet, it could also help your wallet. If you currently own a gas mower, there are some exchange programs around the country for those looking to replace gas models with electric ones. Check out the websites... read more

Get a Jump on Spring by Planting Seeds Indoors Now

The best part about late winter/early spring is starting your summer garden now by planting seeds indoors. It's a great feeling knowing how your plants started, but also the tremendous amount of money you save by starting your own seedlings instead of buying them along with the variety of seed available compared to plants that are sold.   The seed packets that you have will tell you the recommended growing time before you can plant them outside, which is usually after the frost date in your particular area. You will then want to count backwards from your area's... read more

A Case in Favor of Electric BBQ

Describe 'A Case in Favor of Electric BBQ' here :  We literally love to grill; be it meat or anything vegetarian, mouths do water on mention of BBQ. Charcoal and propane gas grills have been dominating the arena for time immemorial, and in from of them, electric BBQ just seems the new kid in the block. However, the kid has some serious firepower, emphasizes Inflame, an eco friendly fireplace and electric BBQ company. So, let’s underline them and make a case for electric BBQ’s.   They are fast   Those who have cooked on traditional BBQ’s using charcoal for... read more

Green Options › Shopping Guides