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What You Need to Buy for Effective Home Remedies

  Summer is undoubtedly the favoured season for most of the population. We get sun, sea, sand and our collective mood is elevated compared to the gloom of the winter. Yet the warmest season can bring its own challenges. A relaxing day at the beach can turn into a nightmare as a jellyfish sting brings a premature end to your sunbathing. Then we have those irritating bugs that only surface in summer and like to feast on human skin. Instead of spending a small fortune on pharmaceutical products, here are six natural home remedies you can buy from the supermarket to... read more

Consider Green Shipping Options For Your Online Shopping

When a lot of consumers pay attention to the eco-friendliness of the products they buy online, not many realize that to get that item delivered to them, there is a lot of CO2 emissions to be emitted to the environment.   Therefore, if you can, always check if the website you are buying from provides eco-friendly shipping solutions.    In doing so, you not only buy a green product, but also have it delivered to you in an environment-friendly way.   The following websites provide green shipping solutions:   In US: In UK... read more

Energy Efficiency Energy Conservation And Saving Tips Enervee Com brings a new approach to online shopping that enables consumers, businesses and governments to buy products based on the personal cost of owning things rather than just the purchase price.   Enervee launches new website at showing the personalized energy cost, the eco-impact and lowest purchase price for tens of thousands of products in over 30 categories. adds the personalized cost of owning things to the shopping comparison process - revealing significant savings in energy cost for consumer electronics,... read more

4 Things to Consider Before Purchasing LED Strip Lights

Flexible LED Strip light buying guide How to choose  strip of lights 101 Do not buy until you understand this.   The use of flexible LED strip lights in American households are becoming more and more common as the price of light emitting diodes, or LEDs, drops and efficiency and quality goes up. As a consumer, it is difficult to keep up with what is the most efficient and cost effective product. The consumer has no chance of keeping up and is forced to put their trust into product ads and reviews. While there is no clear cut standard on how to choose... read more

Energy Star Televisions

Consumers are inclined to buy large television set. However these high resolution TVs consume approximately upto 500 kWh yearly. Energy Star helps to avoid such type of energy consumption by guiding to more energy efficient options. The qualified Energy Star Tvs on average saves you 40% energy as compare to other standard models. These include standard TVs, HD-ready TVs, to the largest flat-screen LCD and plasma models.   Here you can find some best selling Energy Star labelled television sets.        read more

Best Vegetarian Cookbooks

There are lots of vegetarian cookbooks out there but when you're looking to decrease your omnivore-footprint, which do you choose? Chez Panisse Vegetables by Alice Waters read more

Best Free Green Apps For Your Phone

If you are one of the 59% of Americans who has moved away from the concept of a phone just being able to place calls, you have entered the app world, a time wasting world where that transforms your phone into an all purpose life saver.*  But with so many apps to choose from now, it is sometimes hard to weed out the truly useful apps from the junk.  So, if any of you ever wanted an app to help you save energy and go green here are a list of great apps for the iPhone and the Android.  Oh, and they are all free!   App: Easy Green Tips   Description: Easy Green... read more

Green Your Brew Steps To Choosing Eco Friendly Coffee

If you're a coffee junkie you'll be happy to know that you can still drink your fill and keep it mostly eco-friendly by looking for green coffee. First you need to sort out all those terms that coffee companies use... CONSIDER COFFEE TERMS: Roasted - You can ignore this term. Pretty much ALL coffee is roasted the only difference is roasting time and the level of heat used to roast. However, it's not a sustainable term. Fair Trade – This can be a more ethical term, but it's not necessarily green. Fair Trade coffee means coffee sold sans a trader so more... read more

The Best Sustainable Home Books For Learning About Eco Friendly Houses

Green home books are a valuable resource if you're interested in building, remodeling, or buying green. You can use books to gain ideas, create conversation with your designer or architect and use them to make important decisions during the building or remodeling process. However, if you've never browsed green home books it can be overwhelming; there are so many choices out there. Following are some of the most helpful green home and green building books on the market today.   INSPIRATION FOR GREENER & SIMPLE HOMES:   How to See: A Guide to Reading Our... read more

Top 10 Free Green Iphone Applications

Since its release in January 2007, the Apple iPhone has been sold to millions of users who are eager to see how this multimedia smartphone works. In San Francisco alone, sales of Apple iPhones rose from 1.7 million to 3.79 million in the past year. That’s a lot of people chatting on Facebook and Twittering about their lives. Every time you download an application or use your iPhone you are increasing your carbon footprint. One way to offset or reduce your carbon footprint is to download a green application. There are even free green applications that will save you... read more

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