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How to distinguish poor quality LED light and high-quality

Under the push of good policy and good market prospects, many lighting companies enter into the field of LED lighting one after another. According to statistics, in recent years, domestic LED lighting industry has developed rapidly , related manufacturing enterprises have reached nearly 3,000. However , there are also serious chaos behind the industrial boom, the enterprise that really possess LED lighting design and R & D strength is not widespread in the industry,so there are some profit-driven market-based companies , it is easy to lead to cohabite for product... read more

How to choose qualified LED lighting

Why LED light source has excellent energy-saving feature is because that its light-emitting part is made of a semiconductor material emitting chip, which is the core component of LED lights and determines why LED lighting products have efficient energy and long life characteristics.  Energy-saving advantages of LED light source is particularly prominent in luxury hotels, large commercial ultrasonic that need large number of light and light up for a long time, LED flood light that used to set off background as decorative lighting is particularly typical, the... read more

How to choose healthy environmental protection lamp

Modern home continues to accelerate the pace of development, the lamp is no longer simply provide illumination tool. Lamps  not only illuminate our home, but also heighten the atmosphere, it can be said lamps holds an important position in the modern home. But with the home evolved, it is more and more difficult for consumers to buy the lamps.  What principles should we pay attention to when we purchase lamps? Here I will share with everyone together.   1.Safety is mostly important   In the home life, safety lighting must be our first... read more

Protecting My Outdoor Furniture

  A friend of mine recently asked me what steps she should take regarding protecting her patio furniture from the weather now that the warm summer months are long gone. She was saying how in years past she simply leaves it out in the weather without any protection but she got tired of replacing a seat here and a cushion there every year or two. I never gave any thought to it since I’ve always made a habit out of putting my outdoor furniture away the first cool weekend of autumn.   My first piece of advice was to store the furniture in a shed or covered portion... read more

How To Safely Stop The Neighbor S Pets From Going In Your Yard

Dog waste can be a frustrating lawn care problem for any homeowner. When in small amounts, animal waste may produce a green up or fertilizer effect while larger quantities often result in brown, dead patches. Though these spots recover over time, the areas of brown, dead grass are not only ugly, they are sometimes large enough to require reseeding or re-sodding. When dogs urinate in your lawn, the excessive amount of ammonia present in the urine can kill your grass. Ammonia, while a fertilizer, can kill grass when it is present in high concentrations, like in... read more

DIY Repairs for Home Appliances

Most people assume that a broken fridge or leaking washer is a job best left to the pros - but these days, that just isn't the case. Repairing your own appliances has never been easier or more cost-effective than it is now. There are many websites geared specifically towards helping homeowners tackle household fixes on their own, and is one of the best.    PartSelect offers plenty of useful resources like The Virtual Repairman, hundreds of YouTube repair videos and user-generated installation instructions. While their current focus is appliances, it... read more

How to Wrap Gifts Easier and Greener!

  ScrunchieWrap provides a wonderful greener alternative to wrapping  gifts in wrapping paper.  This beautiful fabric gift wrap can be used gift after gift, year after year and you can wrap a present before you can read another sentance.  Simply open the ScrunchieWrap ( put the gift inside and pull the ribbon.  That is it.  You're done!    If you want to show true expertise, tie the ribbon exactly as you tie your shoes and you will end up with a six loop ribbon that is sure to impress.   With the help of Kickstarter, ScrunchieWrap  hopes... read more

How To Be A Green Adventurer

We all know we need to make sustainability part of our lifestyles, and holidays are no exception. Trouble is, aren’t holidays meant to be more fun than that? A chance to escape from the problems of the world and enjoy life?   Yes. But you can do both.   We are always told what we can’t do, so how about what we can do? Here is our alternative guide to green travel.   You can:   #1 – Avoid compromise. Quality of experience and value for money are top of your list, and so they should be. That doesn’t have to be at the expense of sustainability - options... read more

Make Your Own Natural Cleaners

Make your own natural cleaning products Did you know that your cleaning methods make you at higher risk of developing cancer, having allergies, migraines, chronic diseases and fertility problems? Really. The common cleaning products are filled with hazardous chemicals that put your health at risk.  And besides tat, it’s also bad for the environment.  Here, every year we hear more stories about lakes infested with the blue algae.  It destroys the natural habitat of the flora and fauna, and has a direct impact on our health. Not to mention that we can’t use... read more

Grow An Eco Friendly Rain Garden

A rain garden is not very different from a traditional garden, it’s just a far more eco-efficient garden. Rain gardens make smart use of rain and stormwater runoff and contain smart plant selections.     Key rain garden tips   It's easier to grow a smaller, rather than larger rain garden. Rain garden sites located close to runoff sources are best. Rain gardens are designed to withstand moisture extremes and can hold up even when exposed to nitrogen (found in runoff water). See a poster that explains rain garden design. There are two basic... read more

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