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Thinking Outside the Rooftop

-- By Emily Hois, writer for SolarReviews --    Although it’s not always feasible to install a rooftop solar array on your home, that doesn’t mean you can’t harness the power of the sun. If your roof is shaded or improperly positioned for solar photovoltaics (PV), there are several other options. From awnings to gazebos to greenhouses, solar energy enthusiasts can find a creative and suitable method for incorporating solar power that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.   “A paradigm shift is needed in how we look at PV,” says Silicon... read more

The Role of Politics in the Planning of Wind Farms

The role of politics plays a large part in the planning and implementation of wind farms across the UK. Earth Staff, as a specialist energy recruitment company for the oil and gas, minerals and wind power markets provide up-to-date information on the latest developments within power industry.   The UK Government’s main focus for the future of fossil fuels is to reduce the dependence on them and find a solution that will meet with the ever increasing demand for power within the UK. This has led to an increased focus on wind farms within the Government agenda and... read more

How to Recycle With House Clearances

There are some great opportunities when it comes to house clearances and recycling items that would otherwise be dumped into landfill.   I work for Lavender Clearances who carry out house clearances and a lot of our clients call us up to come over and give their homes a big clear-out. This could be because they are moving on, or are just too cluttered and need professional help to clear out unwanted items. Almost all of the time it means clearing and taking away large unwanted items, including furniture, white goods, electrical items and an array of... read more

Starwood Hotels & Resorts Starts its Solar Evolution in the Virgin Islands

-- By Chris Meehan, writer for SolarReviews --    Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc., which owns over 1,100 high-end hotels and resorts throughout the world, including the W, Sheraton and Westin brands, has partnered with NRG Energy to use renewable energy onsite. Already, NRG will install nearly 3 megawatts of solar photovoltaics (PV) at three Starwood locations. In forming the partnership with NRG, Starwood is joining a growing number of hotels across the world, and might be one of the first times an international hotel chain has partnered to install... read more

Build Your Green Home

Recently, home building and remodeling projects have become centered around green and eco-friendly construction. This evolution in house construction has become popular as more people are becoming environmentally conscious. However, the environment and local communities are not the only benefactors of green projects. Smart homeowners reap the benefits for years to come as they enjoy an efficient home that saves money on utilities. There are many ways in which a family can build an energy efficient house or even to so remodel an existing home. Some key factors to... read more

Brazil Prepares for the 2014 World Cup With Seven Solar Stadiums

-- By Chris Meehan, writer for SolarReviews --    It’s a Goooooooooaaaaaaaaal! And it’s happening. As soccer-loving Brazil preps for hosting FIFA’s World Cup in 2014, at least seven of its stadiums are incorporating solar arrays to provide on-site power generation for one of the world’s largest sporting events. At least two of the installations were recently completed, one in the capitol city Brasilia—one of the first few LEED Platinum stadiums in the world—and another in Rio De Janeiro. More installations are on the way.    The stadiums and their solar... read more

Britain Needs EU to Save Its Greenery

In recent years, the EU has been the angel on the shoulder of British government’s environmental policies. The European influence is imperative for stopping us from slumping back to our lazy old habits.   When it comes to the environment, Britain has a history of playing the messy, teenage boy asked to tidy his room. Happy to sit in our own filth, we put it off, and if possible let others do our work for us.  Even when the consequences went beyond affecting us alone, we remained indolent. One significant argument for staying invested in the EU is that it is quite... read more

Running Shoes's Heavy Tread on O-Zone

Not wanting to put anyone off from their healthy morning jog, but imagine leaving a 100-Watt light bulb burning bright for a week straight. That’s the equivalent emission output that your running shoes generate, a recent study by MIT has revealed.   These Asics gel Kayanos are treading a hole in the atmosphere  - are your shoes too?     Running shoes create their largest footprint before they even make a step. It’s a carbon footprint, generated mostly from the process of producing the shoes, but also from detergent products used by consumers to clean... read more

New NASA Technology Set to Watch Rocketing CO2 Levels

Going against the ever-increasing trend of turning a blind eye to our carbon dioxide levels, NASA is set to launch its highly anticipated Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2 – may it serve to remind the world that there is a lot of work to be done.   In the summer of 2014, NASA’s new Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2 will enter the Earth's atmosphere, observing the places from which our CO2 emissions are coming, and how much our fossil fuel’s discharges are being absorbed by the world.   The OCO2 will join other emission-observation technology, including one... read more

Earl—A Solar Tablet for the Wanderlust Technophile

-- By Chris Meehan, writer for SolarReviews --    There’s no shortage of solar chargers for hikers or adventurers these days, but a new crowdfunding campaign is supporting a new tablet designed specifically for outdoors adventurers, with solar baked in. This is Earl, whose developers are calling it a backcountry survival tablet.    The tablet isn’t available yet, although customers can preorder the device through June 9. The Android-based tablet’s features are impressive, including its waterproofness (up to three feet deep), clip-ability (it’s extremely nice... read more

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