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What Do I Need to Know About Gas Furnaces?


Gas furnaces are popular amongst many home owners; especially with cold weather approaching.  Since this is a big step to take you need to carefully consider all the aspects and make an informed decision before you continue with the installation.  This has a long term consequences and your decision should not be based on pricing alone.




When gas furnaces are used, safety precautions need to be kept in mind.  Although systems are technologically advanced and much safer, gas is always potentially dangerous and should be handled with care.  Regularly inspect your furnace to make sure everything is working properly and if you suspect a gas leak you should get a professional technician to have a look.




Gas furnaces are great for any home; providing heat in the cold weather and also keeping your home at a constant temperature.  It can run on oil or gas and depending on your choice of system, can have a low running cost and improve the value of your home.  It can also be used in schools and businesses and provide a good heating solution.




The pricing on furnaces will depend on a few aspects.  The fuel you will be using is an important factor; you need to compare the prices of both gas and oil and also keep in mind the availability of these.  A furnace can last for up to 20 years so availability of either fuel should not become a problem in the future; otherwise you will be left with a problem.  These systems are constantly improving due to advances in technology and this can mean lower running costs for a newer system.   




Maintaining or repairing a gas furnace is best left to a professional.  You should not ignore a damaged part; a gas leak can be very dangerous to your home and put your safety at risk.  You can try checking the air filter and thermostat before calling in a professional.  If the problem persists an experienced technician can be called out for an inspection and a detailed quotation.  Depending on the age and type of system you have installed it can be less expensive if only one or two parts need to be replaced.




A gas furnace can be a great addition to any home; providing that you make an informed decision and keep all aspects in mind.  By doing some homework you will be making a long term modification to your home that will be well worth the initial financial investment.  By keeping running costs low and regularly check on all parts you will have a cost efficient system that will add value to your home.



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Green Options › Articles › What Do I Need to Know About Gas Furnaces?