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What A Sham Gas Boycott Days




This whole not buying gas on a national boycott date doesn't work. Eventually you buy the gas, whether it's the day before or after, so you really aren't hurting anyone. What we need to do is truly reduce our dependence all together.





Make a real difference!


* Car pool or use public transportation.

* Walk or ride your bike more often.


* When you do drive, stick to the speed limit.  Fuel efficiency drops dramatically when you go over 60 mph.


* Combine your errands into one trip, rather than returning home in between several trips over a couple of days.


* When you need to make more than one stop, plan your route to minimize backtracking  and to make more right turns.  (Left turns waste gas. UPS did this and have proven to save mega amounts of gas.)

* Fill up your tank in the morning, when the fuel is still cool (remember tanks are underground) and the liquid is more condensed.

* Don't fill up on fast speed.  Going slow helps reduce vapors.

 * If you have a diesel, convert it to bio-diesel, it's simple, and affordable.


* Check your tire pressure- under-inflated tires lower gas mileage by 0.4 percent per one pound of drop in pressure.  If your pressure is down by 10 pounds, you're wasting 4 percent of your gas.  For more fuel efficiency tips, check out NPR's Car Talk suggestion page.

* Buy an electric scooter and recharge it with solar power.

* When replacing lawn equipment, go gas free with electric or manpowered.  Yes, reel mowers really work and rakes can still gather leaves.  There are even solar powered lawn mowers and some mowers can be converted to biodiesel too.

* Open your windows more often, turn off that a/c or heater.  A fresh breeze through the living room is a wonderful thing.

* Stop buying petrol based products (like non-organics.)  Did you know that fertilizers are made w/ petroleum based switching over to organics will help reduce our dependence on oil.

* Buy local produce. Buying local obviously saves petrol because your kiwi isn't shipped from New Zealand.

* Buy alternative "plastics" made from vegetable cellulose- available in everything from water bottles to food storage bags.

* Take your own fabric bag(s) for all shopping.  Plastic bags are made from petroleum.


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Green Options › Articles › What A Sham Gas Boycott Days