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Tulsi Hybrid Oven

Have you ever wanted freshly steamed vegetables and fish when you are out on a camping trip? The Tulsi-hybrid solar cooking oven is made by Sun BD Corporation and Rohitas Electronics. The oven is listed at 299 dollars on The Tulsi solar oven works by using solar energy or an electrical outlet. The oven can reach temperatures of about 400 degrees. It can be used anywhere when traveling.

The Tulsi oven is 28 pounds and fairly compact. It can be stored fairly easily for a camping trip. When plugged in, it uses 25 percent of the energy that a normal oven uses. The solar oven can be run completely by solar power and is a great way to cook using clean energy. If you are camping at a cabin it could be used on the deck and plugged inside for easy use.

There are some disadvantages to the oven. If people do not want to carry around an oven while camping, they can still use free grills at camp sites and have simple meals. Even though it can be plugged in when needed, if you are at a camp site with no outlets around and the sun is not shining, then it renders the oven useless. The Tulsi oven could be expensive for some at 300 dollars depending on your need. If you camp for a simpler way of life; than the solar oven may not be for you.

There are some alternatives and competing products available on the market today. Sunoven and solarovens make different kind of travel solar energy ovens. These ovens work primarily only on solar power.

If you like the idea of freshly cooked things from the oven while you are on vacation or camping, then the tulsi-hybrid solar oven is for you. It's a bit expensive and may not be for all. It definitely will cut down on energy costs and even the use of coal grills. If you are traveling with a car and can store the 28 pounds in the trunk, then it could definitely be a handy item to grab and bring along with you while camping with the family.


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Green Options › Articles › Tulsi Hybrid Oven