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Throwing An Eco Shindig

We all need to relax and decompress sometimes, but how best can we be socially irresponsible, but environmentally responsible?


  1. Dishes, utensils, and glasses - If you're inviting over more people than you have dishes or glasses, avoid the paper and plastic stuff. Try renting flatware and glassware (check out Rental HQ to find a rental facility in your area). If you absolutely cannot go the reusable route, opt for compostable options (check out the Biodegradable Store or World Centric)...and when you're done, compost them!
  2. Food - Sure, everyone loves pigs-in-a-blanket hors d'oeuvres but when throwing an eco-soiree, go local and organic. For more information, check out Huddler's How To Eat Local.
  3. Drink - For both kid and adult parties, go organic. For kids, try organic juices like Santa Cruz Organic and R.W. Knudsen juices. For adults, go for organic wine (check out the Organic Wine Journal for more information), organic beer, and organic hard liquors (try Square One Vodka, Vodka14, or Sunshine Vodka for, you guessed it, vodka; try Juniper Green for gin). For more specifics, check out Bottoms Up: Organic, Local, and Solar-Powered Booze.
  4. Mood lighting - If you're having an evening party, turn off a few lights and save some energy (and some money on your electric bill)! Otherwise, go with natural daylight.

  5. Party favors - If you're throwing a child-centered party (or if you just like goodie bags), choose bags made with recycled content and gifties that aren't made out of plastic. Check out Eco Party Bags for ideas.

  6. Decorations - Go with materials that can be recycled (you can't resist a welcome-home sign made from recycled content construction paper) and avoid balloons (they may be fun but the frequently end up in the ocean where they can harm marine life).



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Green Options › How To's › Throwing An Eco Shindig