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The 2012 Top 10 Green Employers

2012 Top 10 Green Employers SealTheGreenJobBank published its list of Top 10 Green Employers of 2012. These employers are companies in multiple sectors of the Green Economy -renewable energy, green automotive, green building, energy efficiency, smart grid, environmental, and sustainability, that have posted the most green jobs online in 2012.
TheGreenJobBank indexes green jobs from websites of green employers, green recruiters, green non-profit organizations, green trade associations, and green job boards. Its keeps a set of quarterly and yearly statistical data by employer and by sector, that enables easy reporting.


2012 was a great year for green jobs, with the search engine indexing over 100,000 green job posts. It was the best since launching three years ago, and it clearly demonstrates that the Green Economy expansion is real, and that the Green market is doing very well.


The 2012 top 10 green employers posted a total of over 4,200 green jobs:


1. Tesla Motors 671 Green Job Postings
2. SolarCity 541
3. Environmental Resources Management 453
4. MWH 441
5. The Nature Conservancy 419
6. National Renewable Energy Lab 397
7. Ameresco 371
8. REC Solar 366
9. Verengo Solar Plus 303
10. Cardno ENTRIX 296


The 2012 solar energy sector of the Green Economy demonstrated an accelerating growth rate. Three of the top 10 companies with100% solar products are: SolarCity, REC Solar and Verengo Solar Plus. The combined solar-related companies green job posts: over 5,000.


The environmental sector showed a steady, solid response as well. Two in the top 10 list are: Environmental Resources Management (ERM) and Cardno ENTRIX. Environmental products and services companies posted a combined number of green jobs of 3,800.



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Green Options › Articles › The 2012 Top 10 Green Employers