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Tesla Motors Silicon Valley Showroom

The second Tesla Motors showroom officially opened to the public on July 22nd, 2008 at 10 a.m. in Menlo Park, CA,  just a few minutes away from Stanford University and downtown Palo Alto. 


With urban chic, leather couches, simple floral arrangements, and lots of natural daylight, the showroom is what we call very sexy.  It's a fitting backdrop for the ever eye-catching Tesla Roadster.





Take a tour with



The showroom



















































The service area






 The cars

All around the showroom and on the service floor you can gaze at a variety of Tesla Roadsters, in black, silver, iceberg blue, and red.  But if you want to take one for a test drive be prepared to pony up $5,000.


















The schwag

Inside the Tesla showroom you can also check out a bunch of great Tesla schwag (in case you're like us and can't quite afford the $108,000 for a car). 


You can be satisfied with your piece of the company with a shirt, hat, or maybe even a wallet.




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Green Options › Articles › Tesla Motors Silicon Valley Showroom