Need help? You've come to the right place! This page has links to all the resources you need to get the most out of this site.


All else being equal, start with the FAQ and see if your question is answered there. We've covered a range of topics, from how to change your password to details on how tags work.


Your questions may also be answered in one of our Tutorials:

  • Discussion Forum Tutorial - learn how to start a new thread, reply to a post, reply with a quotation, edit your post, change the name of your threads, rate posts, report posts, and export a forum post to a wiki.
  • Review Tutorial - learn how to write a review and edit your reviews.
  • Messaging Tutorial - learn how to send private messages, write on another user's bulletin board, and delete messages from your own bulletin board.
  • Image and Video Tutorial - learn how to add images and YouTube, Google, or Vimeo videos to your forum posts and Wiki articles.
  • Tagging Tutorial - learn how to tag your forum posts and Wiki articles to make them easier for other Huddlers to find.
  • Add a New Item Tutorial - learn how to add a new item to the database, like your favorite organic cereal or body wash, as well as how to edit existing product pages with images, links, descriptions, and more.
  • Wiki Article Tutorial - learn what Wikis are, how to create a new Wiki article, edit an existing Wiki, revert a Wiki to a previous version, export a forum post to a Wiki, and report Wikis.
  • Facebook Connect Tutorial - learn how to link your existing Green Options account to your Facebook account or create a new account with your Facebook log in, invite your Facebook friends to the site, and share your posts and reviews on your Wall.


Become An Industry Insider

If you are a manufacturer, retailer, or distributor actively building your green business, we want to help you succeed and help the Green Options community discover you. The Industry Insiders program calls you out as an expert resource (albeit partial to your products) with an "In the Industry" badge.  This allows you to actively contribute to the site, while maintaining the integrity of our community.


Industry Insider benefits include:

  • An "In the Industry" badge to call you out as an expert

  • Direct access to your target audience

  • Brand representation of your products

  • Getting your products in the hands of our community members



For more information about the Industry Insiders program, contact us!

Posting Guidelines

Please see our Terms of Service.


Feedback Forum

If you have feedback, questions or comments, we'd love to have you share it with the rest of the community... even if it's 'constructive criticism'! Please feel free to post a message in our Feedback Forums.


Private Contact

If you have a private matter, please email us via our Feedback Form. Thanks!