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Suggestions For Brands And Manufacturers  

So your product(s) are on Green Options - now what?


First, a few DO's and DON'Ts, then some common questions:




  • Post in the Forums to start a dialogue with your customers. Call yourself out as a representative of your company to increase your credibility and build a rapport
  • Add photos and edit the descriptions, specs, and product wiki's of your products to ensure accuracy




  • Don't review your own products or solicit reviews from employees or friends.
  • Don't spam members through PMs or in the forums with promotional offers, etc.
  • Take negative feedback seriously, but DON'T harass users for expressing their opinions.





  • Is it possible for me to put my product in the hands of Green Options members who will provide honest reviews?


Of course. While Green Options does not review products ourselves, some of our VIP users have earned the privilege of testing products on our behalf. This in no way guarantees a positive review, but can certainly build some buzz around your product(s).  Email for more information.


  • My product isn't on Green Options - how can I fix that?


It's easy - when you click the "Products" tab at the top of any page, you can browse through our product taxonomy. When you find the category where your product belongs, click the "Add a product" link in the top right hand corner to launch our product addition wizard that will help you add your product(s) to the system.


  • Will Green Options remove bad reviews if we sponsor the site? What about if they are erroneous?


We are happy to investigate claims of false information and handle appropriately, but we do not remove reviews under any circumstances just because they are negative.

Green Options › Site FAQs & Tutorials › Suggestions For Brands And Manufacturers