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Strange Ways To Save The World

Farty cows?  Make them like kangaroos!

Cow farts, excuse me, cow flatulence is responsible for 14% of Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions.  Senior researcher Athol Klieve wants to take a special bacteria found in kangaroo stomachs to help make cattle and sheep fart less methane and digest better.  Or else we could all just start eating kangaroo steaks instead of beef...



Melting glaciers?  Wrap them in sheets.

It's not exactly new news that the planet is getting warmer.  Those poor glaciers are getting smaller and smaller.  What if we could help them out by wrapping them up? 


Some scientists and one company called Landolt are dreaming up ways to protect the ice from heat and UV radiation.  Ice Protector Optiforce, with its epic name, keeps some glacial ice from melting during the warmer summer months.  Too bad it costs $12 million per square mile.



Hate fossil fuels? Drive on lipo fat!

In 2007, there were 301,882 liposuction procedures performed in the US.  The average amount of fat removed per procedure is right around 10 pounds.  That's more than 3 million pounds of fat per year sucked out of people every year!  Wouldn't it be great if there was a way to make diesel from it? 


Beverly Hills surgeon Craig Alan Bittner is currently under investigation for making biodiesel for his lady friend's SUV from his patients' fat.  In other lipo news, Lauri Venoy said he could recycle 3,000 gallons of human fat a week to make 2,600 gallons of biodiesel.  And if cars aren't your thing, then maybe you could be like the Earthrace folks and get a few gallons of fuel for your boat.



Like to work out?  Sweat AND power your gym.

Sure, you're motivated to get in shape for bathing suit season but wouldn't you be even more inclined to ride that stationary bike good and fast if it powered the TV in front of you? 


The Green Microgym in Portland, OR is revolutionizing the way you work out.  As gym goers pedal on stationary bikes, they help generate the electricity used to power the TVs and sound system.  And if going to the gym isn't your thing, just take a trip to Stockholm to use your body heat to power an office building.



Need heat? No problem. Burn dead people.

Okay, okay, so people aren't making heat from cadavers left and right.  But in the Swedish town of Halmstad, a crematorium will use excess heat from cremations to heat the building.  Ultimately, the plan with save the facility money on heating, will cut the amount of smoke pumped into the air, and reduce its water usage (which is part of the cremation system of cooling the moke before it's released).  The director of the cemetary hopes that eventually they will be able to connect the crematorium to the district heating network to heat local homes.


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