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Staber Hxw2304 Washing Machine

Do you spend a lot of money on water for an expensive washing machine?  Now is the time to have a water efficient washing machine. The Staber HXW 2304 is the base model of Staber ( and costs roughly 1300 dollars.  It saves about 75 cents per wash than regular washers.  It uses 15 gallons of water per load.  It is maintenance free and has a self cleaning water pump. There is no filter to clean.

There are advantages to having an energy efficient washing machine.  It uses about 67 percent less water than most machines.  It also uses roughly 50 percent less energy and about 75 percent less laundry detergent.  All this adds up to savings for you.  Potentially you should be able to make the extra money spent back within four years.  If you are a person who does a lot of laundry throughout the week, than the Staber Washing machine might be for you.  

There are some disadvantages to the Staber.  It is not cost efficient for everyone.  It is very energy efficient.  If you are not so concerned with that, or you don’t do so much laundry, than a less expensive washer might work better for you.  At nearly 1300 dollars, it may not be affordable for some.  If you want a larger capacity washer, then you might have to pay more than what you pay for the base model. 

Some competitors to the Staber are Kenmore, GE, Frididare, Whirlpool, Maytag, Bosch, Samsung, Amana, Haier all make washer that compete.

If you can afford to buy an energy efficient washer, then by all means, buy.  This washer is very efficient and could be great for people who do many loads of laundry throughout the week.  At nearly 1300 dollars for the base model, it is an investment.  This money should be easily returned with a few years.  


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Green Options › Articles › Staber Hxw2304 Washing Machine