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Spf 45 Not As Good As You Think

SPF 45 not as good as you think.


The cosmetic data base finds that 89% of 993 sunscreens currently available do not provide the protection we need. In this 89% you can find ingredient lists that are shockingly toxic. They found that 15% of the sun products on the market are actually safe and at the same time effective.

The FDA's guidelines are only for UVB rays, the burning rays. The regulations do not cover UVA ray protection (damaging rays that lead to cancer)


So what's with all that SPF rating you see on products? Well, it's rating the amount of time you can be in the sun, past your normal exposure, with out getting burned. It's measuring UVB ray only. Burning can lead to cancer down the road, so it is great to protect against UVB's. However that super high SPF is only protecting you from the burning rays, it is not regulating a protection factor for the UVA rays, which also lead to cancer.

Here's the break down on rays:

All three can break down the collagen in your skin. This decreases your elasticity and accelerates the aging process in your appearance and skin's structure.

UVA= Aging rays, gives you wrinkles, sunspots, etc. Breaks down collagen at a faster rate than UVB and UVC. Not protected by SPF regulations or ingredients. Unlike UVB, UVA rays persist year round, even in winter. Pass through windows. From sunrise to sunset even if cloudy, they can get you. Penetrate the deepest in the skin.

UVB= Burning rays, but also responsible for Vitamin D production and melanin production. So if you are wearing sunblock all the time, you'll probably need to supplement with a vitamin to get your D. UVB can also damage our DNA cells.

UVC= Can damage DNA cells. Is a known germicidal. Has a low risk to us.

My fav non-toxic full spectrums on the market:
Ingredients to avoid: chemicals octinoxate and oxybenzone.
Instead, look for: titanium dioxide and zinc, which are naturally-occurring minerals.



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Green Options › Articles › Spf 45 Not As Good As You Think