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Resources For Learning About The Need For Green

  1. Read.
    • Worldchanging produces a variety of articles (in online journal and book form) that aim to empower people to create a better future. The articles are subdivided in categories of Stuff, Shelter, Cities, Community, Business, Politics, and Planet.
    • Ideal Bite distributes daily tips for how to live more lightly on the land. Subject areas range from pets to food to travel.
    • is part blog, part radio, part video, and part newsletter. It aims to push sustainability into the mainstream through the discussion of news, solutions, and product information.
    • The Gristmill Blog is full of news and commentary about environmental issues. There are a number of contributors who add their two cents about current events, climate change, and other aspects of the world and the environment at large.
    • For other book and publication suggestions, check out the Books and Publications wiki.
    • For other blog suggestions, check out Green Blogs and Journals.
    • Environmental Health News is a daily compilation of news articles in papers and journals from around the world. It is produced by Environmental Health Sciences, a non-profit working to increase awareness of the links between human health and environmental exposures.
    • Cradle to Cradle by William McDonough and Michael Braungart
    • An Inconvenient Truth by Al Gore
    • Silent Spring by Rachel Carson

  2. Discuss these topics with other people who care. Share what you know and learn from your peers.
  3. Get out there.
    • Green Drinks are informal sessions where people who work in the environmental field (or who are interested in the environmental field) meet up for, yes that’s right, drinks. They are held in more than 200 cities around the world.
    • Lectures at local universities or sponsored by clubs and organizations are a great way to learn and meet people.
    • If you have other local event recommendations, contribute here and talk about them in the Take Action Forum



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Green Options › Articles › Resources For Learning About The Need For Green