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Natural Home Scents For Thanksgiving

Here’s how to scent your home naturally and super fast for Thanksgiving.

1. Whip up a quick batch of non-toxic homemade air fresheners.

2. Toss some leftover orange or lemon peels into your disposal, add a pinch of baking soda, run some water, and grind away.

3. Fill a reusable spray bottle with two cups of water, add three drops of lavender, clove, orange, lemon, or other favorite organic essential oil. Shake and then spray lightly around your house. You can use this on fabrics but test it first zoloft and don’t spray this on white linens, as the oil might leave a visible mark.

4. Make some homemade organic Hot Spiced Cranberry Punch resume help. You get a beverage and air luxury hotels freshener.

5. If company shows up and you haven't cleaned the bathroom, quickly take an old small cleaning cloth, drop 8 drops of your fave essential oil onto the cloth, and hide the cloth behind the toilet, in a drawer, or at the bottom of your waste basket.


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Green Options › How To's › Natural Home Scents For Thanksgiving