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Modular Case And Wall Systems

Designing for Disassembly

"What's the best future we can imagine for our disused stuff? We can design things to be disassembled, but the ultimate strategy would use excellent materials, easy to recover - and ward the landfill off in perpetuity. The goal is the closed loop, in which objects are continuously remade, spiraling upward in quality and harmlessness. This is the trash of the finest ingredients, reflecting the fact that things can't last forever, and that fashions, in fact, change frequently... Making things easy to take apart also makes them easy to repair." From Worldchanging


Designing with Recyclable Parts

Design so that different materials can be easily separated, once their use has come to an end. The most difficult products to recycle are those that are made from a combination of materials, such as plastic-backed paper and adhesive-coated laminates, because the cost of recycling increases with addition of labor-intensive separation processes. This can make the recycled products prohibitively expensive and unmarketable. If, for example, plastic is screwed to wood rather than laminated with adhesive, both the wood and the plastic could be recycled. (Excerpt from Environmental Considerations: Some Guidelines for Exhibit Developers)





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Green Options › Articles › Modular Case And Wall Systems