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Maximize Fuel Economy With Traditional Fuels

  1. Keep your tires properly inflated.  The softer your tires are, the greater the friction between the road and the rubber, and the harder your engine will have to work.  According to AutoblogGreen, "incorrect tire pressure is responsible for the production of an additional 18.4 metric tons of CO2 which end up in the atmosphere each year."
  2. Turn the AC off when it's not actually hot out.  Your AC forces your engine to work more - save it a bit of energy.
  3. Take off that roof rack and dump the heavy stuff in your trunk!  Your roof rack alone might be costing you up to 5% in MPG and with each 100 pounds of stuff in your trunk, you reduce your fuel economy 1 to 2%.
  4. Don't idle - just turn the car off.  If you're waiting to pick someone up, for example, there's no need to leave the car idling.  All you're doing is burning gas and NOT moving.  It's silly.
  5. Brake less.  Now, this doesn't mean you should run into the car in front of you.  It means you should try to anticipate your slowing down.  Braking is basically just wasting the forward momentum you built up by stepping on the gas pedal.  So instead, accelerate slowly and when you think a stop or a slow down is coming, coast along and ride the road.
  6. Slow down.  For every ten miles per hour you increase your speed, you lose as much as 15% in fuel economy.  So take the safer route, go a little slower, save some fuel, and get there in just about the same amount of time.


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Green Options › How To's › Maximize Fuel Economy With Traditional Fuels