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Make Your Space Psychologically Green

Stress is frequently considered a toxin. In fact, 3 out of 4 doctors visits are stress related and the WHO has declared stress a global pandemic. Here are some ways to make your interior spaces healthier.


  1. Consider the primary purpose of the space. Is it your living room? Dining room? What kinds of activities will be occurring there? Arrange your space to best house those activities.
  2. Balance cool and warm colors. Try to use complimentary colors in your decorating scheme. This will help your eyes and brain strain less. Some also believe that recreating the color patterns of nature can help bring calm to a space (try using a darker floor to mirror the earth, mid-tones for the walls, and lighter colors for the ceiling to mirror the sky).
  3. Get a little feng shui in there to balance the flow of energy in your space.
  4. Da Vinci might also tell you to incorporate the golden ratio when thinking of shape and proportions in your spaces.
  5. Reintroduce greenery. A plant or two can breathe life into a room.
  6. Natural light works wonders. Studies have shown that people are much happier and more productive with natural daylight in their spaces.
  7. Fresh air is right up there too. When designing a space or replacing your windows, opt for operable windows in order to get cross ventilation.



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Green Options › How To's › Make Your Space Psychologically Green