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Led Savings Graphs

LED Savings Data

Here are a couple of examples of savings of an LED bulb vs. an incandescent bulb.


MR16-3W 35W Replacement Bulb



SAVINGS Incandescent 35 Watt MR16-3W LED Halogen Bulb
Life of Bulb
2000 Hours 50000 Hours
Number of bulbs used 25 1
Unit Cost $6.47 $31.95
Cost to Buy Bulbs $161.75
(25 X $6.47)
Total KWH Used 1750 KWH 150 KWH
Cost of Electricity
($0.15 KWH)
$262.50 $22.50
Total Cost
$424.25 $54.45
Total Savings:


Earthtech 2 Watt LED Light Bulb 


Life Span & Energy Saving Benefits of LED Light Bulbs vs. Incandescent Light Bulbs Incandescent 60 Watt Light Bulb Earthtech 2 Watt LED Light Bulb
Life Span: How long will the light bulb last? 1,000 hours 60,000 hours
How many bulbs used over 60,000 hour period 60 bulbs Only 1 bulb
Bulb cost over 60,000 hours $40.20
(60 bulbs at .67 cents each)
Electricity Usage: kWh of electricity used over 60,000 hours 3600 kWh 120 kWh
Cost of Electricity: 60,000 hours at 10¢ per kWh $360.00 $12.00
Total Cost After 60,000 hours $400.20 $51.99
Total Savings:
Money saved by installing one Earthtech LED Light Bulb
Total Savings
$348.21 per bulb!


LED Light Bulb Benefits


  • Save money in electricity costs
  • Instant on/off
  • Light the color of daylight
  • Works in cold weather
  • Use only 2-10 watts of electricity (1/3rd to 1/30th of Incandescent or CFL)
  • Can sustain moderate power surges
  • Long lasting - up to 60,000 hour bulb life
  • Durable bulbs with no fragile filaments to break from shaking and rattling
  • Cool running (warm to the touch) - little heat compared to standard bulbs
  • Directional lighting generates less wasted light
  • Works with sensor activated lights (CFL bulbs are not recomended for sensors)
  • Works with most dimmer switches (most CFL bulbs are not recomended for dimmers)
  • Contains no mecury



Additional Info

Found this similar information on the EarthLED site:




Even our most powerful replacement bulb (XR-10) uses only 10 watts of electricity, yet it performs on par with a 100 watt incandescent bulb and is due to the extremely efficient nature of EarthLEDs. Traditional incandescent bulbs waste 98% of their energy producing wasted heat. EarthLEDs on the other hand produce very little heat in order to maintain  brilliant light saving and even assist in cooling costs.
When you look at the costs to run traditional incandescent bulbs they simply don't make sense:
One - 100 Watt bulb costs approximately $43 dollars to run per year at 12 hours per day. But don't forget that since an incandescent bulb only lasts 1000 hours, chances are you would have bought at least 4 replacement bulbs over the course of the year, bringing your total cost for just one light fixture to $50.
Compare this to...
One - 10 Watt EarthLED XR-10 costs approximately $4.30 to run per year at 12 hours per day. Since it was on for approximately 4000 hours it still has nearly 10 years of life! Even throughout its entire 11 year life an XR-10 will costapproximately $120 while a traditional fixture using an incandescent bulb will cost nearly $550!
As you can see, replacing the majority of the lighting in your home or business with EarthLEDs can really add up in terms of real money saved.


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