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LED Lighting Giving Britain Darker Skies

As the population in Britain continues to grow, and the country’s major cities expand, the issue of light pollution is becoming increasingly problematic. But light-conscious Brits are now armed with a weapon that can limit the problem of light pollution, even in the busiest areas: LED lighting.


Although on first glances light pollution (the luminous yellowish glow that sits above cities and densely populated areas) isn’t as noticeable or as distressing as other forms of pollution, its impact is just as destructive, spoiling aesthetics – and also harming a wide amount of animals. Many birds and animals, who have evolved alongside billions of years of natural light cycles, find themselves disorientated and confused when confronted by huge swathes of artificial light – stories of flocks of birds crashing into brilliantly-lit towers and buildings are, unfortunately, common.


But now, the advent of LED lighting has meant that homeowners across the country have an opportunity to use a lighting solution that can greatly reduce the light pollution around an area. LED Lighting will provide a more focused light source that is easier to direct than more traditional high-intensity forms – giving light to the areas below that need it, and less upwards to those that don’t.


LED lighting can also have extra benefits to the environment: they are more energy-efficient than other light sources, can be dimmed to just 1% of their capability when they’re not in use , allowing users to save energy whenever they’re not needed – while they’ll light up immediately on request. Fans of LED lighting also mention that they also last longer than high-intensity options, meaning that fewer are produced, with less waste created as a result.


And in order to stave off the problem of light pollution in some of Britain’s most beautiful areas, councils across the country are awaking to the promise of LED lighting. In Hampshire, officials have responded to growing light pollution in the South Downs and New Forest national parks by installing LED lighting, which they claim will give a more ‘sensitive’ atmosphere to the areas of natural beauty, while helping the animal population to thrive by limiting light pollution.


However, as it is obviously still a form of light, LED lighting will nevertheless contribute to light pollution, so when you utilise it, be sure to do so in a responsible manner. Ensure that your LED lighting is properly shaded, with little chance of its light escaping upwards into the night air, and try to aim it solely where you absolutely need it. If everyone installed LED lighting in Britain, and used them in a responsible manner, then the problem of light pollution could be greatly reduced, to the benefit of everyone.


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Green Options › Articles › LED Lighting Giving Britain Darker Skies