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Induction Oven

Introduction to Induction Cookers

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How would you like to cut your energy consumption in half? Not for you whole house but for your stovetop. The technology heats food based on a magnetic field that is created. Does not use an electric coil, or gas. No gas vapors are given off and it is 90% energy efficient. It does not waste a lot of the energy that is created. The stovetop does not get hot, only the pan does.


There are many advantages to this new kind of technology. Safety is the most important aspect of this stove. There is an internal coil that creates a magnetic field. The field is only activated when a pot is placed on top. Only the pot gets hot, the stove remains cold. Secondly, the amount of energy that is saved and not wasted is tremendous. The technology uses 90% of the energy that is created. It typically can cut your ranges energy consumption in half.



The downside to the induction over is price. For a four burner range it costs roughly $3000. An everyday standard four top range is about $225, a big price differential. Furthermore, you will need to use specific pots and pans for the induction over. It creates a magnetic field; therefore you will need to have magnetic pots, which are generally more expensive.


Cost-Benefit Analysis

If you are remodeling and enjoy the idea of being green, then this stove is definitely something to look into. The price range is prohibitive for the general market. It will save you 50% on you energy consumption of stoves. If you eat a lot of home cooked meals, maybe more money is saved. It is a new technology and as time goes on, the market will see plenty more of these ovens.



Induction Cookers Available

  • Magnawave
  • Circulon


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Green Options › Articles › Induction Oven