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How To Recycle Cfls


  1. Check with your local garbage service: Find a customer service number (there should be one on your bill). Call and ask if they offer CFL or mercury recycling.
  2. Check with your municipal government: Look up your local government's sanitation services department. Ask if there is either CFL curbside pick-up recycling or if there is a designated drop-off spot.
  3. Check to see if your retailer has a take-back program: If they don't, your local Ikea will take any and all CFLs (even if you didn't buy them at their store).
  4. Check on Earth 911 for CFL recycling centers. If nothing comes up for a search with "CFL," try "mercury" or "fluorescent bulbs."
  5. Mail in your CFLs: Some for-profit companies provide recycling if you mail in your bulbs. One of these is
  6. Live near an IKEA?  They have recycling bins in every store, and will accept CFLs purchased from any retailer.
  7. Hit up your local Home Depot: As of July 2008, Home Depot has started offering CFL recycling in store. Find the store closest to you here: Home Depot Store Locator
  8. Go to Rona or Rona affiliates: They were one of the first in Canada to offer recycling of CFLs.

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Great information and helpful. I am learning to recycle more. I was like most people who just tossed the waste items in the trash, now I think about the item and check to see if I am doing the best recycling and trying to go green. For Example this morning I had single-use batteries that are no longer good. So I found out that batteries contain materials that are both recyclable and considered hazardous. You can drop them off at a household hazardous waste (HHW) facility. Our community has a twice year program for a drop off of all HHW.
Green Options › How To's › How To Recycle Cfls