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How To Green Your Bedroom Fun

  1. Condoms – Latex is great for safe sex. If you’re a vegan looking for latex without the added milk proteins, try Glyde condoms (or if you’re in Europe, try Condomi condoms that use cocoa powder instead of milk). They’re also known as cruelty free for not testing on animals.  Or perhaps you'd like to show some love for the Amazon while your making some good sweet lovin'?  Check out condoms from Natex.  Not only do they support sustainable use of the Amazon, but they support Brazilian families and encourage safe sex.
  2. Lubricant – Choose something natural. Avoid petroleum-based products, artificial flavors, scents, and colors. You can even try organic lube. Check out Good Glide, Sympathical, Firefly Organics, or Yes Water-Based.
  3. Mood lighting – Do it in the dark (and save electricity). That’s right. Turn off the lights. Or if you must see, choose daylight hours.
  4. Sex toys – Vibrators, anal beads, and other fun toys may be great for your sex life but might not actually be so great for you. Many toys contain phthalates, a chemical used to soften hard plastics and give toys a jellylike quality. Phthalates have generated significant concern recently as several studies have shown that even low doses of the chemical can be harmful (such as impacting fetal reproductive development - this group of chemicals are know as endocrine disruptors). Avoid these chemicals by using toys made from glass, metal, hard plastic, or elastomers. Try the elastomer, phthalate free Rabbit Habit. Also, if your toy requires power of some kind, consider buying a rechargeable one or using rechargeable batteries. Try rechargeable toys like the Acuvibe or the Lily from Lelo or the Solar Vibrator which as it sounds is charged by the sun.
  5. Bed sheets – When you slip between the sheets, try something organic like Gaiam Organic Cotton Sheets or something made from bamboo (which is a rapidly renewable resource as it’s actually a grass) like Bamboo Fiber Sheets.
  6. Showers – Save water. Shower together.

  7. Lingerie – Before you find yourself in your birthday suit, you may consider throwing on some sexy lace or slinky silk. If you’re in the market for lingerie, go for the eco-friendly, super-sexy options of organic cotton, bamboo, hemp, and other renewable and sustainable materials. Try Enamore, g=9.8, GreenKnickers, American Apparel, BuenoStyle, Ceil, People Tree, Good Karma Organics, Spirit of Nature, Deity Aton, Peaceful Company, or Blue Canoe (the men should check out Patagonia, Red Dog, or Cottonfield). Come spring, Victoria's Secret is supposed to launch a few organic options in their Pink line.


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I think its great that consumers are waking up to the fact that you don't have to poison your privates to enjoys sex toys. I feel that over the next few years most sex toy websites will turn Eco-Conscious. Most Skinsafe sex toys cost the same as Toxic sex toys.
As an example of the kind of site I'm talking about check out
Its an Irish website that goes one step further than selling just eco-conscious products but insists on only selling Inoffensive and Branded products.
Hi Play, I just checked out your site and I was hard pressed to find your "Green" content.
Indeed most of your products are packed with Phthalates and other harmful toxins.
Jelly Rubber is frowned upon in these days of Silicone.
And a lot of products that you don't.
There's nothing stopping you from Greening up a little.
Green Options › How To's › How To Green Your Bedroom Fun