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How to distinguish poor quality LED light and high-quality

Under the push of good policy and good market prospects, many lighting companies enter into the field of LED lighting one after another. According to statistics, in recent years, domestic LED lighting industry has developed rapidly , related manufacturing enterprises have reached nearly 3,000. However , there are also serious chaos behind the industrial boom, the enterprise that really possess LED lighting design and R & D strength is not widespread in the industry,so there are some profit-driven market-based companies , it is easy to lead to cohabite for product quality and uneven for LED lighting market, which causes misunderstanding for ordinary consumers to buy LED products. Many consumers wonder why the price of LED products is so great different.


In this regard, a number of industry insiders said consumers should try to avoid selection LED lighting products whose price is too low, because some companies use inferior components ways to reduce production costs in order to achieve low-cost competition. Considering poor quality of LED products in this category, its life and energy efficiency are greatly reduced, therefore, it is difficult to help consumers save energy and money-saving effect. Especially for hotels, shopping malls and other commercial establishments that use LED flood light to decorate, if choosing the poor quality of the LED light source, which not only can not achieve the desired energy savings, but also because the need of frequently cuts power to maintenance and replace and other reasons leads to higher operating costs, and even may result in additional operating losses.So, what are difference between poor LED products and qualify LED products? High-quality LED products can really help consumers achieve "provinces", namely "Province Power, money, peace of mind. "


The first is the "power", the light efficiency of low-cost and low-quality LED products is low, the light fades fast, it is impossible to achieve power saving effect, and high-quality LED products save at least 50% energy more than ordinary fluorescent lamps. Followed by "save money", low-cost low-quality LED products not only can not be achieved saving effect, but have poor quality, short life, require frequent maintenance and replacement, furthermore consumers spend more wasted money. The high-quality LED products rely on saving electricity and maintenance costs achieve real "money" purposes. The expert has made a simple statistic that three 8W LED bulb replace a 40W incandescent, each family installs 8 and lights up for four hours each day, according to 0.6 yuan / kWh basis, annual savings is 374 kWh, the saving costs just in electricity each year is 224 yuan.

Finally, the "peace of mind", for home users or mall hotels and other commercial users, it is a puzzle thing to worry about maintaining and replacing lamps. today the human cost remains high, maintenance costs broght by lighting products is greatly enhanced., it a easy way to achieve true peace of mind for the high-quality LED products that have long-term use without frequent repair and replacement.


LED production costs is currently higher than traditional products, the economic benefit is not reflected in the purchase cost, but rather depend on the characteristics of "long-life, low energy consumption, which is to significant save operation and maintenance costs, and ultimately cancel early purchased input costs. We need to select the excellent brand that has guaranteed quality and after-sales service so that we can really enjoy results of "power, money, peace of mind" thanks to high-quality LED lighting products.


Shenzhen Li Sida consistently apply leading peer LED lighting technology to produce high-quality LED light such as LED flood light and LED tunnel lights and LED lamps and other indoor and outdoor lighting, has been determined to produce high quality but relatively low price, and together with us to perform low-carbon green living.


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Green Options › How To's › How To Distinguish Poor Quality Led Light And High Quality