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Green Your Soda

The average American will drink 37.5 gallons of soda every year.  That's right, 37.5 gallons.  That works out to be about 8 sodas per week.


Green Your Soda Drinking

  1. Cut back!  This is a pretty obvious one, but if you replace just one soda with a glass of water, you'll reduce your annual consumption by 5 gallons a year.  That will help conserve somewhere from 208 to 520 gallons of water and it'll keep nearly 5 pounds of sugar out of your body.
  2. Drink natural or organic soda.  If you're going to drink soda, choose something that's a little bit healthier for you and the planet.
  3. Carbonate your own beverages This will help reduce your waste from plastic and glass bottles and aluminum cans.  It'll also probably save you money in the long run (but it'll take a little more time and planning).
  4. Recycle your bottles and cans.  If you're grabbing something on the go, make sure you properly dispose of the bottle or can!
  5. Reuse your empty soda bottles.
  6. Avoid buying cans in the plastic rings, but if you do, be sure to cut them up before throwing them in the trash.
  7. Bring a reusable cup if you're getting a fountain drink.
  8. Skip the straw, and drink from the glass- straws are single use, require energy and oil to be produced, and end up in the landfill. 



What A Waste

  • The amount of glass bottles Americans throw away every two weeks would have filled both World Trade Center towers.
  • Sixty-five billion aluminum soda cans are used each year.


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Green Options › How To's › Green Your Soda