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Green Pocket Guides

These days, there's tons of stuff to avoid...seafood with mercury...produce covered in pesticides...chemicals in cosmetics.  But how do you keep it all straight?  Have no fear.  Green pocket guides (or wallet guides or cell phone accessible guides) can be your back up when you forget what's good for you and what's not.


Here's a run down of some of your (free) options for seafood, plastic, restaurants, produce, and cosmetics.




Format Guide Name & Source Description



Pocket/wallet (PDF) Pocket seafood selector from Environmental Defense Fund This pocket guide outlines all the best, ok, and worst choices for seafood.  It has information on choices that are low (or high) in environmental contaminants, as well as which choices are high in omega-3 fatty acids.
Pocket/wallet (PDF) 2008 Seafood Watch Pocket Guides for the US (as well as 6 regional guides) from the Monterey Bay Aquarium The new 2008 guides offer best, ok, and worst choices for seafood on a national scale, for the west coast, southwest, Hawaii, central US, southeast, and northeast.  They also come in Spanish.
Cell phone guide Seafood Watch mobile guide from Monterey Bay Acquarium Log on to "" for the latest mobile pocket guide.
Cell phone guide Seafood selector from Environmental Defense Fund Visit on your cell phone to get the EDF Seafood Selector (complete with health and environmental information).
Cell phone guide FishPhone from Blue Ocean Institute To find out about your seafood choice, text 30644 with the message FISH and the name of the fish in question. They’ll text you back with an assessment and better alternatives to fish with significant environmental concerns.  For their mobile guide, log on to on your phone.



Pocket/wallet (PDF)



Pocket/wallet (PDF)



Pocket/wallet (PDF)


Smart Shopper's Plastic Picks from The Green Guide


Healthy Teethers and Pacifiers from Healthy Child Healthy World


Healthy Toys from Healthy Child Healthy World

This guide goes over plastics 1-7 and tells you which to use, which to avoid, and what products commonly use those types of plastic.


This guide gives advice for selecting teethers and pacifiers made from natural materials and plastic ones that do not contain BPA or phthalates.


This guide gives advice for selecting toys made from natural materials and finding plastic toys that do not contain BPA or phthalates.



Pocket/wallet (PDF) Shopper's Guide to Pesticides in Produce from (Environmental Working Group) This guide tells you which types of produce rank as the highest 12 (worst) and lowest 12 (best) in terms of pesticide use.

Pocket/wallet (PDF)




Pocket/wallet (PDF)


Organic Essentials from the Organic Center




Healthy Formula and Food from Healthy Child Healthy World

This guide is a nice (visually pleasing) run-down of which conventional domestically grown and imported fruits and vegetables pose the greatest risk for pesticide exposure (i.e. which types of produce you should buy organic).


This guide explains which formulas are safest (low or no BPA contamination, which baby foods are best, and tips for reducing children's exposure to contaminants in food.



Pocket/walled (PDF) Chefs Collaborative Restaurant Guide from Stonyfield Farms and Chefs Collaborative This guide gives you a list of 160 restaurants (and their locations) all over the US that promote sustainable cuisine.



Pocket/wallet (PDF) The Dirty Dozen from The Green Guide This cut-to-the-chase list gives you the names of 12 ingredients to avoid in personal care products.

Pocket/wallet (PDF)


Pocket/wallet (PDF)



Pocket/wallet (PDF)



Pocket/wallet (PDF)


Pocket beauty guide from Ideal Bite


Healthy Baby Care Products  from Healthy Child Healthy World


Healthy Mommy Care Products from Healthy Child Healthy World


Healthy Sunscreens from Healthy Child Healthy World

This wallet guide tells you the top 5 synthetic chemicals to avoid in your beauty products.


This guide outlines what ingredients to avoid in baby care products, which products are safer, recipes for safer alternatives, and tips for reducing chemical exposures.


This guide lists which ingredients to avoid in women's care products and cosmetics, which products are safer, and tips for reducing exposure to chemicals.


This guide lists ingredients to avoid in sunscreens, tips for safely using sunscreens, and the safest sunscreens to purchase.




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