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Green Online Resources

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The point of this Wiki is to compile an organized list of green resources across the Internet. They might cover anything from recycling to local farmer's markets to fun craft sites. Go nuts! Add your favorite links here!


To Learn About Green:


Check out the More Hip Than Hippie podcast. Each week Dori and Val tackle beer, chocolate, and a green topic. They're funny, light, and full of useful information.



Organics and local:


Find your local farmer's markets with and read the wiki on how to eat local and another wiki on organic certification.



News or Opinion:


For environmental news with a sense of humor, I read or podcast For opinion, check out their Gristmill.


Living on Earth features scientific and environmental news; highly recommend it!


For a wide variety of blogs, news or opinion, check out


For blogs on all topics green, check out the Green Options network.


For blogs about going green on campus and learning how to live an eco-lifestyle, check out Green Student U.


Fake Plastic Fish, a blog about one girl's journey to eliminate unnecessary plastic and to reduce plastic waste!





Easy, don't shop! Woah, just kidding. My favorite super-friendly, expensive-but-last-you-forever clothing comes from They'll even take your old poly-fleece sweaters back and recycle it for you. I still have pairs of their long underwear that have traveled the world, been whitewater rafting for two whole summers (was my job) and survived 5 winters up north (wear em every day) and have hardly a hole in them. That's quality. When was the last time your clothes did all that in 10 years and still looked good? At this rate I'll have mine another 10 years before I break down and recycle them.





There's already at least one recycle Wiki on this site. I highly recommend it. But for a quick recycle fix, check out They can help you with anything and everything.


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Green Options › Articles › Green Online Resources