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Green Buildings

What are some of the benefits of creating greener commercial real estate projects (besides cost/energy savings)? 

  • Since eco design tends to add a greater visual comfort (more plant life, increased lighting), it tends to create a more positive performing environment. Simply put, people are happier when they feel more comfortable. So, in most cases, it would be fair to assume an increase in labor productivity and quality.

  • Improving indoor air quality can improve health and productivity and reduce liability risks both in a commercial and residential setting. Building related illnesses in the US account for a significant amount of productivity loss every year. More importantly, the health of the individuals occupying a building should the first priority of its owners.

  • Green buildings tend to sell or lease much faster, and retain tenants better, because they combine superior amenity and comfort with lower operating costs and more competitive terms. These resulting gains in rents and occupancies all enhance financial returns. Again, it provides an enhanced sense of community and well being.

Does anyone else have some ideas on how more sustainable real estate projects can add value to its tenants and surround community?



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Green Options › Articles › Green Buildings