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Give Time As A Gift This Christmas Season

If you're looking to have a less commercial Christmas, then cutting down on the holiday gifts you buy is essential. You don't have to give things, you can also give time to people. Bonus; this results in a much less expensive more meaningful Christmas or other winter holiday event.

Here are some ideas... 

Teach a child a fun craft or hobby: Teach a child how to plant a tree, sew a blanket, paint a picture, or how to ice skate. The possibilities are endless, and this is a gift that will stick with a child forever. 

Go on a family hike and winter picnic: It may be cold outside but nature is perky and alive in the winter and well worth seeing. Learn how to safely get outside for a winter hike, camping trip, or winter picnic.

Make some home improvements for someone: Weatherize someone's home, clean out their attic or basement, plant some flower bulbs for them that will pop open in the springtime. 

Plant a winter organic garden with the family: A winter garden leads to more family time, self sustaining living, and fun.

Plan an event day: You can hold a cookie baking day, a homemade Christmas ornament making day, a fun no-waste potluck, a snow-fort contest, and more.

Plant a tree: You can plant a tree in someone's name and take them along for the event. You get to help the environment and spend time together.


Volunteer together: An especially nice family gift is to take the time to volunteer together. Find your volunteer opportunity.

Learn more ideas for a less commercial and fun green Christmas.


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Green Options › Articles › Give Time As A Gift This Christmas Season