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Fathers Day Green Gift Guide

It’s about that time of year.  School is getting out.  It’s almost summer.  So don’t let father’s day slip by you!  For 2008 (in the US, UK, and a few other countries), it’s on June 15th.  Maybe this year instead of getting your dad, grandfather, husband, uncle, son, or other male in your life a pair of glow in the dark boxers or golf tees, try something with an eco-spin.


  1. If he's a gadget-y guy, solar accessories are pretty sweet.  There's the Solio, the Soldius, foldable solar chargers from PowerFilm...the list goes on.
  2. If your dad needs some new duds, try picking out some sustainable fashion for him.  The Men's Eco Rain Jacket from Patagonia is made from 100% recycled polyester.  Or check out the variety of hip eco-shirts offered by Green Loop.  REI's also got a nice collection of eco friendly t-shirts, shorts, hats, etc.
  3. You might not be able to shell out $109,000 for a 2009 Tesla Roadster for your dad, but if he's into cars, he might like some waterless car care!  At least that way, he can make the car he's got shine as if it were brand new.
  4. If your dad is the gourmet chef of the house, he might enjoy a gift once a month (or week) with a great box of veggies and fruit from a community supported agriculture (CSA) group.  Check out the CSA directory from Local Harvest
  5. Or perhaps a sustainable cooking class with his favorite person!  Sustainable Table has a great list of sustainable culinary schools all over the US (and one in Italy).  Or else your local Whole Foods might offer a cooking classes using organic and sustainably farmed foods.  Or if you can't locate a class in your area, a cookbook might do it.  Check out JZ Cool's Simply Organic Cookbook or Anna Lappe and Bryant Terry's book called Grub: ideas for an urban organic kitchen.
  6. For the dads who have all the gadgets they need, there's always a homemade coupon for a hike or maybe you could get him tickets to a cool green concert like the Monterey Music Summit, Lollapalooza, Outside Lands, or Bumbershoot.
  7. Does your dad like a clean close shave?  Organic shaving cream or aftershave is always a plus.
  8. If he's a runner, he might like to take water with him when he pounds the pavement.  Why not give him a nice reusable water bottle that's also BPA-freeKleen Kanteen makes a good stainless steel bottle; Sigg makes an aluminum bottle; CamelBak makes a bottle from Tritan material that is BPA-free.  For other options, check out REI's offerings.
  9. With gas prices on the rise, he may be getting into alternative modes of transportation.  If that's the case, he may love an electric bicycle.  Just make sure he's got a helmet!
  10. Of course, carbon offset or renewable energy credit are always cool.  Maybe even check out our friends over at Village Green EnergyOffset your Dad's carbon for driving his BIG truck, hybrid, or any vehicle in between. The BeGreen site has several options for various size vehicles.
  11. Does your man love the caffeination sensation?  Get him something to green his morning coffee routine.  Organic coffee beans or perhaps a reusable mug will get him on his way.
  12. If your dad is a gardener, a sweet electric lawn mower, electric trimmer or blower, or maybe even a compost bin could fit his green thumb.
  13. Does your dad have a journal? Ecopaper has the best in organic, banana paper made 100% tree free paper journals.
  14. If he's into the outdoors, a county, state, or national parks pass is a great way for your dad to get back into nature.  Throw in some natural sunscreen or bug spray to sweeten the deal! 

  15. An option for the tree huggers- consider planting a tree (one dollar plants a tree, so this is a great little addition to other gifts!) or adopting an acre of threatened rainforest through the Nature Conservancy. 

  16. Does he love animals?  You can adopt an endangered species through the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) on his behalf.  Donations of $50 or $100 include a soft plush version of the adopted animals in WWF's special Happy Father’s Day bag, an adoption certificate, a color photo, and a species fact sheet.  Make your gift by 11:59 pm ET on 6/5/08 in order to receive by 6/15/08.


For other green gift ideas, check out the non-dad specific Give Green Gifts wiki!


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Green Options › Shopping Guides › Fathers Day Green Gift Guide