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Exclusive Interview At Home Tips From Spa Station

Lisa Sykes, Spa Station Sustainability Specialist



Specializing in Cosmetic Chemistry, Lisa Sykes works closely with the product development team and vendor partners on green product selection and personal care formulations.  


When she isn't researching and analyzing ingredient declarations, she writes informative articles on sustainable living and wellness. 


An organic gardener, experienced writer, and vegetarian cook, Lisa has a Masters Degree in English and a Certificate in Sustainability Studies from the University of Massachusetts- Dartmouth.  Lisa is Co-Chair of the Green Spa Netwrok Personal Care Product Committee and serves on its Advisory Counsil.  






What are the great natural or organic spa brands and why?:


"Great question.  Three brands that immediately come to mind are Farmaesthetics®, Ritual Alami™, and ESS® Aromatherapy. 


All Farmaesthetics products are 100% natural and contain certified organic ingredients.  This highly effective line is comparable with leading dermatological brands, but it is based on "kitchen Chemistry" and the American herbal tradition.  


Ritual Alami is a beautiful line that traces its roots to the centuries-old healing traditions of indonesia.  All products are handcrafted in small batches by skilled artisans, and all ingredients are 100% natural and carefully grown and harvested in Asia.  


ESS Aromatherapy offers pure, unadulterated essential oils, natural body washes, linen spray, and more. Select the oils you need to create a sense of balance, relaxation, or inspiration."





What is a great natural recipe for home?:


"Free Radical Fighting Green Tea Toner

Feel like you're battling the aging process and losing? This humble green tea toner gives it the one-two punch.  High in polyphenols, natural compounds and aid int he elimination of free radicals, green tea--combined with mineral-rich spring water--is refreshing and oh-so-good for your skin.  Apply in the morning, after cleansing, but before moisturizing.  Reapply throughout the day as a pick-me-up.



1.  Loose leaf organic green tea

2.  Spring water




1. Steep 3 grams (about 1 tsp.) of loose-leaf green team in 6 oz. of hot spring water for 3 minutes. 

2. Cool completely and pour into a small glass spritzer bottle.

3. Spray lightly on the face or apply with a cotton ball.


Note: Toner will keep for about 3 days if refrigerated. Shake bottle before each use."  


--Recently published in Spa Magazine





What questions can you ask a spa to determine that they're striving for sustainability?


"It takes more than recycling to create a green spa.  It's a process.  There are several questions you could ask, but here are a few simple ones:


1. Does your spa have personal care standards in place to ensure personal and planetary wellness?  If so, what are your guidelines when adopting product lines?


2. What does your spa do to conserve energy and water?


3.  How do you influence your spa chain?


4. Does your spa use environmentally safe cleaning products?


5. How does your spa connect with our community?"



*******Green Options would like to thank Spa Station and Lisa Sykes for sharing this valuable information with our community.  Check out great organic and green products for your in-home spa treatments as 












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Green Options › Articles › Exclusive Interview At Home Tips From Spa Station