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Eco And Kid Friendly Toys

How To Identify Eco- and Kid- Friendly Toys

  1. What materials are the toys made of?  Start by identifying what materials were used to create the toy.  Good natural material options include wood, organic cotton and other fabrics (some folks like leather), and recycled metal.  Choose toys which are made with natural, easily recyclable, or recycled materials. Avoid toys made with plastic (typically these toys end up in the landfill and also may contain BPA which is harmful to your children).
  2. Where are the toys made?  The location where the toy is manufactured has a large impact on its green factor.  Many toys are produced in China and have a large carbon footprint resulting from the shipping distance.   Support your local businesses by choosing local toymakers.
  3. How durable is the toy?  Help the planet and your pocketbook by choosing toys that won't break 10 minutes after you get them home.  Toys that are durable can be passed down even after your child outgrows them.  Choose toys with good construction and made with quality materials.
  4. Can the toy eventually be recycled?  Many toys will eventually find their final resting place in a landfill - if you can, choose toys that have recyclable or compostable components.


Who makes Eco-Friendly Toys?

  • Planet Happy Kids offers a wide variety of toys ranging from wooden blocks to dollhouses made from recycled cardboard.

  • Earth To Kid offers beautiful wooden blocks, buses, choo choo whistles, and baby rattles.


What can I do with old toys?

  • Consider organizing a Toy Swap.  Once a year, get together with other neighborhood families to exchange toys your child no longer plays with for something new and exciting.  Recycling old toys instead of buying new saves resources.
  • Donate old toys to Goodwill/Salvation Army/etc, or check if there's a local school program or women's shelter that could use some donated toys.



For other kid-friendly suggestions, check out the Having An Eco Baby wiki.

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Green Options › Shopping Guides › Eco And Kid Friendly Toys