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Earth Tipping Point

Earth Tipping Point ( is a new form of social networks designed to actively transform your ideas into projects that could enhance the wellbeing of our planet. The site offers an unprecedented approach in tackling environmental issues, raising awareness and utilizing your time efficiently. ETP offers true social networking with a profound goal.


That’s what we have designed. This social network is idea based, so no smiley faces in your status bar. The site utilizes project management processes, methodologies and measures in the backend while maintaining a simple and scalable interface at the front end. It aligns the collaborative efforts of its members and users in a structured and systematic way, enhancing the quality of their proposed ideas and eventually the success rate of their projects. And that is just the tip of the iceberg!

Why share your idea?
Imagine a social network was designed for a true benefit; imagine the possibilities of having an output for all these activities. Imagine your idea could propagate among your network without losing most of its meaning or its structure. But ETP is no Facebook, Linked in or my space. Earth Tipping Point weighs activities, suggestions and comments based on their accuracy and efficiency, aligns them with your idea in an attempt to develop it into a project. Realistic, realizable and achievable.
But ETP is more than just connecting ideas and thoughts, processing them and developing projects out of them. It is a social network designed to elevate people’s awareness and empower you. So, it grows as you do more good stuff. You start off with one idea but can end up with a huge global campaign.
Now, got any ideas?

The web page will be launching by the end of february 2011, so join our fan page on facebook and sign up your email for the invitation.
Join Facebook Page: and follow us on twitter: @tippingearth




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Green Options › Articles › Earth Tipping Point