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Celebrating An Eco Friendly And Organic Easter

For many across the globe, Easter is a celebration of life.  Why not have your Easter be one that celebrates a healthy, living planet as well?  And your kids (big and small) can always enjoy a good organic Easter egg hunt!



Eco Friendly Easter Eggs

The best Easter egg is the one you can eat afterward!  If you go the hard boiled route, choose eggs that are cage free and organic like Organic Valley Organic Eggs or Sparboe Farms Organic Eggs


But what about the Easter egg dye or paint?  You can actually make your own natural Easter egg dye from common foods, like grape juice, tea, lemon peels, and more. 


If you don't think you'll eat the hard boiled Easter egg, consider the Mexican tradition of cascarones (or confetti eggs).  Here's how to make them:

  1. Take your (organic, cage free) egg and open the top of the egg.  You can use a pin, a knife, or even a chopstick!
  2. Empty out the inside of the egg into a bowl.  (Tip: Sometimes it helps to make a very small hole at the other end of the egg and blow through to get the yolk and white out a little faster.)
  3. Rinse out the inside of the egg.
  4. Fill the egg shell with a bit of confetti (if you can, try to find some made from recycled paper or make your own from junk mail).
  5. Cover up the end with a bit of glue and tissue paper.
  6. Decorate with your natural egg dyes.
  7. Make scrambled eggs!  (Or your other favorite dish with eggs)


If you're looking for fillable eggs, check out these crocheted Easter eggs from SalvagedExpression - not only are they handmade, they're reusable, and you avoid the plastic!  But if you do already have the refillable plastic eggs, don't fret!  Just make sure to keep them out of the trash and reuse them for as long as you can.  And if you don't want yours any more, take them to Goodwill or Freecycle them!



Organic Easter Candy

Easter candy is a tradition!  You've got your chocolate bunnies...chocolate eggs...even jelly beans.  Instead of grabbing the standard Hershey's or marshmallow Peeps that have been sitting on the shelf for ages waiting for Easter day, opt for organic and natural candies.


For your organic chocolate bunnies and eggs, try: Allison's Gourmet Vegan Chocolates, Sjaak's Organic Chocolate, and Sweet Earth Organic Chocolates.


For organic jelly beans, try Surf Sweets organic jelly beans.  Or if lollipops are more your thing, try Yummy Earth Organic Lollipops.



Eco Friendly Easter Toys And Gifts

If you love giving away (or getting) stuffed animals on Easter, there are tons of lovely eco-friendly toys.


For soft and snuggly (organic cotton) bunnies (and more), check out:

  1. miYim plush toys made from organic and natural cotton
  2. Under the Nile toys for baby and infant toys made from 100% organic cotton
  3. Naturel by Kaloo soft toys made from organic cotton
  4. Sckoon organic cotton plush toys



Reusable Easter Baskets

Whether you make Easter gift baskets or have baskets for your kids (or yourself) to partake in an Easter egg hunt, choose a reusable basket!  Not only will your baskets get used over and over again, they can be put to good use during the rest of the year as napkin holders or even as fruit bowls.


And try to avoid the green "floss" grass in the bottom of your baskets - the most common kind is made from plastic and usually ends up in landfills.  If you really miss the look of grass in your basket,there's always natural raffia ribbon which you can reuse later for gift wrap.  You could even try edible Easter grass - and even if you choose not to eat it, it will at least biodegrade!  Or use up some junk mail, magazines or old newspapers.  Just shred them up and you'll have a great nest for your Easter eggs.



Organic Easter Menu

There are all sorts of great recipes for Easter.  For an eco-friendly meal, the best rule of thumb is simply to get as many organic and local ingredients as possible, regardless of where you get your recipes. 


Beyond that, if you're looking to lower your impact, try serving a vegetarian meal.


For ideas for vegetarian Easter recipes, check out:



Eco Friendly Easter Fun For The Family

  1. Along with the Easter eggs and Easter candy, hunt for or give away packets of seeds!  Not only are they super eco-friendly, you can have fun planting them together.
  2. Go for a walk.  It's spring time!  Get outside for a bit.



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